Acting Coaching

In individualized acting coaching sessions with Debra Crosby or with one of the A Quest Acting Coaches the student is provided with expert professional training and guidance.  Early on, the student will be invited to define success on their own terms and how to achieve high standards of excellence.

In a safe, supportive and positive environment the student is invited to discover the confidence to succeed and unleash the best of who they are. Each student is invited to engage in the artistry of acting and learn how to master the craft. As a result of studying in private sessions, students learn how to deliver a compelling, believable and authentic performance.

Because very practical business advice is also offered to help the student navigate their career and de-mystify the acting industry, Debra Crosby and the A Quest Actors Coaches have a very high success rate with helping actors make it.

The value of private acting coaching sessions is to out-compete the competition. Coaching sessions are highly recommended to individuals who are passionate about acting and have a deep desire to reach for their highest aspirations and to make their dreams a reality.