Youth Acting Class

Advanced Acting Technique for 10 to 14 Year Olds

In this class students are taught how to analyze script, cold reading technique, and successful audition technique. Every class students will be introduced to breathing exercises, acting warm ups, fun ice breakers, team building exercises, cooperation skills, listening techniques and improvisation.  The cornerstone of success of the A Quest Actors Studio philosophy is for an actor to access emotions, intellect, imagination, intuition and instinct simultaneously while creating believable relationships and characters.  Students are taught how to make powerful choices and learn how to out compete the competition in auditions. The ultimate objective is to liberate each student to fully comprehend the craft of acting and how to consistently deliver a compelling performance for the stage, television and film.

Day:  Tuesdays

Time: 4:30 to 6:pm

Lead Instructor: Debra Crosby & Guest Instructors

Tuition: JUMP START your acting career 4 Week Program: $99.00. The JUMP START program is for students new to the studio and can only be utilized once and cannot be combined with any other discounts, specials and cannot be combined with the 1 FREE Acting Class.

8 Weeks is $200.00 but with the Try 1 FREE Acting Class new students can take $25.00 OFF tuition if they pay tuition in full at the end of the FREE class. With the Discount tuition is: $175.00. The discount is only available at the end of the FREE class and will not be extended beyond the end of the FREE class.  Students who take the 1 FREE acting class are welcome back anytime whether a week later, a month later or a year later but the tuition would be: $200.00.  There is no make-up class offered with the discounted $175.00 tuition and the 1st class is included in the 8 weeks. There is a make-up offered for the $200.00 tuition.

Try 1 FREE Acting Class any Tuesday RSVP required 24 hours in advance by calling: 978 – 741 – 2287

Commercial Clinic: A Quest Actor’s Studio is unique in the acting training industry in that we have a sister company that is a full service video production company: Conquest Creative Media. Conquest Creative Media frequently hires actors who have been trained at A Quest Actors Studio for our commercial projects.  At A Quest we want to prepare our students to handle the rigors of auditioning for commercials, but more importantly learn the specific focused acting technique it takes to properly perform in front of the camera.  Because Conquest Creative Media  is always scouting for new talent for their commercial productions we at A Quest Actors Studio want to help our students properly prepare for commercials produced by our sister company. We also  want our students to be able to out compete the competition when auditioning for any commercial.
Date: July 21st, 2012
Time: 10:00am to 12:00Noon
Instructor: Debra Crosby
Tuition: $65.00
$15.00  Discount if registered and paid in Full by: FRIDAY 7/13/12. With Discount tuition would be $50.00.

Advance Scene Study

Day: TBA

Time: TBA

Instructor: TBA

Tuition: $225.00


Day: TBA

Time: TBA

6 weeks

Instructor: TBA

Tuition: $175.00